Month: May 2015

Five Ways to Win Over your Subject Matter Experts

  Subject Matter Experts or SMEs can enable you to truly meet the business and learning objectives of your courses. SMEs are the Inside Men who typically understand the business needs of the training and the learning needs of the target audience. They are the ones who can ensure that your training design and development will achieve the desired goals.   However, the Instructional Designer (ID) and SME relationship is tender and the onus falls on the IDs to make sure it is managed well. The underlying strain is prevalent because SMEs typically are of the opinion that they can make better courses than IDs since they are the Experts of the Subject. IDs, on the contrary, realize that they are training design experts and know the best way to make a course. Hence, IDs and SMEs are typically in a battle of supremacy and want the course to shape up the way they envision it. For the greater good of the learners, it is necessary that peace reigns over a possible battle between the IDs and SMEs. This calls for collaboration between the two. We, the IDs need the SMEs to learn first, and only then can we teach. Hence, the proactive initiatives to collaborate should come from the IDs. Here are five ways that will certainly win over your SMEs and ensure that they enjoy working with...

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Transform your ID Processes for Success with the 3 Cs

Everything is easier said than done. Wanting something is easy. Saying something is easy. The challenge and reward are in the doing. ~ Steve Maraboli Why is creating a training course easier said than done? This is because the process of Instructional Design includes a plethora of jobs that need to be juggled simultaneously. With each training, Instructional Designers have to continually manage topic ideation, content research, effective application of learning theories, projects, and client and business needs. Tasks related to these items are necessary, but they can make course design and development overwhelming. And, it doesn’t end there! Even after the...

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