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Ten Lessons to Help you Get Started in Instructional Design

  We understand that kicking off your Instructional Design or eLearning endeavors can be a daunting task due to the information overload related to theories, cognitive practices, tools, and guidelines. Hence, we’ve written simplified lessons about the ten key areas that you must master to begin your journey in the world of Instructional Design. So, read this ebook and get started. Click the adjacent button to download the ebook or preview it below. Download the eBook Download [2.62...

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Five Dos’ and Don’ts for Brainstorming as Instructional Designers

As Instructional Designers, you develop training, that is technically accurate, well-written, and visually pleasing. In addition, you must ensure that the training includes new and innovative instructional strategies to teach and engage learners. You need to avoid repeats especially in situations when you are developing a curriculum for a specific audience. Repeating strategies could make the learning experience monotonous. As a result, your learners may not engage with the learning course. So, from where can you get new ideas? Consider Samantha, an Instructional Designer who is worried! She has to deliver a Design Document for an eLearning course. The stakeholders expect a course with out-of-the-box strategies, not a mere page-turner. The existing eLearning the client company depends upon has gaps and does not motivate learners to complete the entire curriculum. Samantha realizes that the time is crunched and resources are limited. She has just two days to present her design document. What now? Another meeting? Team discussion? Sleepless nights? It is in situations such as these that teams resort to brainstorming because they can quickly pool in the best of ideas within a short span of time. A Brainstorming session is often the most forgotten or neglected of steps when it comes to analysis or design phases in a project’s lifecycle. It is easy to brainstorm a design because with multiple people on the team there are more ideas...

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Here is Everything You Wanted to Know about Micro-Learning

Learning is a lifelong process. We are constantly learning new things daily, be it through web searches, Social Media, or even by observing others do their jobs. For most of us, knowledge acquisition occurs in small pieces, through unstructured searches and reading on the Web. A majority of this learning happens in small chunks through sources that are not designed as formal courses, but still impart knowledge. This trend gives us Instructional Designers, an important training need indicator for the modern audience: [info ]Our learners have evolved. They may still need structured one- or three-hour long eLearning sessions or workshops that last several hours or days. However, they also want quick packets of on-demand learning that continually enhance their knowledge and skills.[/info] Such small, consumable on-demand learning packets have become popular and supply the learning that satiates the training demand. What is micro-learning? Micro-learning is the process of learning in small, digestible and manageable chunks, with focused and precise information. It is based on short-term learning activities, lesson plans, projects, and assignments. The focus is on one objective rather than a broad subject, that is, the topic is broken down into smaller information, and learners can access this information whenever they need it or even on-the-go. Thus, in micro-learning, lessons are short with no defined duration, and can be learned anytime, anywhere, at one’s own pace, via any modality....

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