Lokesh and his team are an absolute dream to work with. They have created practically every course I’ve delivered for Oracle University, and they consistently produce quality classes with the highest standards in instructional design in mind. Lokesh and Astik’s attention to the little details have made all the difference. They are a joy to work and collaborate with, and are always willing to accommodate quick requests. The training courses they create are professional and allow our customers to have a smooth learning experiences, which ultimately results in more renewals of our platforms. LOVE these guys!

Adrienne Albregts

Principal Instructor, Oracle

I used Check-n-Click as my sole offshore resource for three years, starting at Eloqua and continuing after Eloqua was acquired. We started out with 2 Instructional Designers. Over the course of the three years, the Check-n-Click team has grown to 11 individuals who are solely dedicated to specific modern marketing platforms. This growth has also included an Editor, a Graphic Designer and a Software Programmer. These individuals have supported the Check-n-Click designers as well as the North American team of designers. Lokesh Sahal has acted as onsite project manager the entire three years. His oversight has resulted in recruiting very talented individuals who are committed to learning the technology and lingo of modern marketing in both the B2B and B2C realms. Lokesh pushes himself and his employees to be innovative and find new ways to engage the learner. He is a thought leader in instructional design and this translates across the team. During the three years, this team has developed product expertise and the ability to translate complex technical topics into engaging learning – instructor-led as well as elearning. The growth and maintenance of the marketing and technology catalogs would not have been possible without Lokesh and his team. They have been instrumental in our success and in our ability to effectively maneuver in the enterprise SaaS space. Check-n-Click consistently impresses and goes above and beyond what is expected. It is always a pleasure to work with them.

Mindy Barenblat

Education Development Manager, Enterprise SaaS